We MANUFACTURE a line of BUDGET, Clear PVC Sign Holders, Brochure Holders,
Card Holders, Slant Easels, Shelf Talkers, Price Channel Card Holders...  and more !



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We manufacture, on our site here in the U.S.A.:  sign holders, signholders,
brochure holders, counter-top brochure holders, retail sign holders, card holders, shelf talkers, advertising displays, displays, display holders, plastic sign holders, plastic card holders, retail signs, advertising displays, counter top displays, counter top brochure holders, plastic pockets, literature pockets, pvc pockets, pvc card holders, price channel card holders, rigid vinyl sign holders, literature boxes, slotwall sign holders, shelf hangers, price-channel card holders, easel-back sign holders, easel back sign holders, slant easels,
one-fold card holders, two-fold card holders, shelf retainers, price channel strips, clear pvc sheet, formed literature boxes, flat scored literature boxes, formed literature holders, flat scored literature holders, open face pockets, protected face pockets, j-channels, c-channels, c channels, plastic c-channels, t-frames, tent easels, acrylic card holder, acrylic card holders, acrylic holder, acrylic sign holder, acrylic sign holders, advertising displays, brochure display holders, brochure display rack, brochure display stands, brochure displays, brochure holders, c-channels, card holders, clear pvc sheet, clear sign holder, clear sign holders, counter top brochure holders, counter top displays, counter wire display, counter wire displays, display easels, display holder, display holders, display sign, display signs, displays, document holders, easel back sign holders, easel displays, easel stands, easels, ffr, flat scored literature boxes, flyer holders, formed literature boxes, formed literature holders, j-channels, literature boxes, literature dispenser, literature displays, literature holders, literature pockets, menu displays, pamphlet holders, place card holders, place holders, plastic brochure holders, plastic c-channels, plastic card case, plastic card holder, plastic card holders, plastic displays, plastic holders, plastic literature holders, plastic pockets, plastic sign holder, plastic sign holders, price channel card holders, price channel strips, pvc card holders, pvc pockets, restaurant displays, retail sign holders, retail signs, rigid vinyl sign holders, shelf hangers, shelf retainers, shelf talkers, sign displays, sign holder, sign holders, signholders, slant easels, taymar plastics, wall mounted sign holders, wall sign holders and MORE!  Whew! Did you actually just read all of that!? Wow!  I'm impressed! How about a test to see if you paid close attention. No thank you? OK, we'll leave it at this this.  Thank you for looking up our little area of Cyberspace and for considering POP Plastics Inc.   We thank you, our Mothers thank you and my pet dog Sasha thanks you.  :)

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